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Ernesto Compatangelo

Our solutions aim to support a wide variety of people, covering a wide range of difficulties they may face.

We work closely with social care and housing organisations and the people they support to help assure we can bring to people the technology they want and need to help them enjoy independent lives.

Ernesto Compatangelo, co-founder of Technabling

The PSLT has the potential to revolutionise the way deaf and hearing impaired individuals can communicate in every day situations that hearing people take for granted.

Jon Smith, Assistant Principal, Communication Specialist College, Doncaster


A sustainable, safe, dignified, and cost-effective solution to support elderly people to live independently in their own homes for longer. The CaringAide intelligent platform continuously checks the assisted individual's behavioural patterns, detecting and reporting any change that may be related to a potential health problem ahead.

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Smart e-Companion

Smart e-Companion

Is for people of all ages that require additional attention and support to live safely and independently in a range of different environments. The Smart e-Companion intelligent platform continuously monitors the supported individual’s lifestyle and living environment, reporting anything out of normal and helping people to live more safely and securely.

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Portable, Flexible, Customisable: the PSLT is a software application that aims at removing communication barriers between signers and speakers capturing hand gestures and translating them into text. It works on a variety of devices ranging from computers to smartphones, provided they have a camera (webcam).

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Jacques-Yves Silvia

We develop and use leading edge software technologies that allow us to bring to the market a range of innovative products and services in the assisted living sector and beyond.

Jacques-Yves Silvia, co-founder of Technabling

Assistive Technology (AT)

collectively denotes any device, application, or system that helps disabled people to overcome the effect of an impediment or disability, allowing them to perform a specific task.


Assisted Independent Living (AIL)

collectively denotes any system that uses sensors and other electronic devices to monitor people 24/7 in order to predict, prevent, and mitigate problems that may affect elderly, vulnerable, or disabled people in their living environment.

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